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A Marketto use, is a collection of listed building offerings, market costing data, availability / vacancy, market activity, and broker driven deals that shape the overall health of any specific real estate areas. TB-RE's Advisory Group consists of commercial real estate brokers trained to ask questions and solve problems.

We start by gathering and learning from our clients; probing and assessing a deals 3 Core Factors:

1) Qualitative Factors, 2) Operational Factors, and 3) Financial Factors


  • “do you like it?”
  • “does it match your image & culture?”
  • “can it help you Win?” 


  • “how will it support and enable; what you do?”
  • “how would offerings and function meet your output?”
  • “could it allow you to Win?”


  • “what is the cost & NET EFFECTIVE VALUE?”
  • “when, where, and why is the price the price?”
  • “would you consider it a Win?”

We have offices in the Chicagoland area and Nashville-metro area. Once we understand the real estate use and location requirements, we can begin to narrow the options down to just the a few of the “current” best site-selections.   Regardless of your timing, size, space use, and business goals, we have the knowhow to lever your real estate requirement; and provide you with an assurance of non-overpayment.


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