How We Add Value

  • Asking Questions; and Solving Problems
  • Below are a few very common non-understandings about RE Value-Add

Is your Cost Value or Expense Right? Are you overpaying or possibly under receiving?

  • Learn how to Protect the value you provide and also receive!
  • Be assured that you are Optimizing your property or tenancy Use-Value!
  • Create transactions that benefit the health and sustainability of your business; by not overpaying!

With more than 20 years of experience Transition Brokers RE (TB-RE), protects tenants, landlords and investors of commercial real estate by providing assurance of non-overpayment based on our proprietary DOLLARIZATION deal analysis calculator expressing the factual impacts to a building’s NOI, market value, cost of capital, ROI, and the actual IRR created every day.

Far too often real estate transactions become underleveraged and conducted administratively; rather than strategically from a value-add basis. TB-RE brokers utilize their understanding of leveraged market deal savvy and implement numerous pathways that maximize our client’s real estate market placement.  Which monetizes their placement through strategic positioning, structured leveraging and focusing on each building’s core transaction structure within Dollarization.

TB-RE is a full service advisory brokerage representing and educating both owners and occupiers of commercial real estate. Let us assess your Use-Value.  Experience our CAN DO process; Grow your business with us!

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