Dollarization, "Do you know your value?" 

TB-RE’s highest priority is to make sure our clients don’t overpay for their commercial property locations. Using Dollarization, our deal cost-leveling calculator, non-overpayment assurance can be provided and achieved. 

  • A commercial real estate deal will and should have a significant impact toward the financial, operational, and qualitative health of a business.  
  • Achieving beneficial deal impacts are crafted through the understanding of all decision makers motivations, their collective current situation, and the Dollarization value of the deal.  
  • Our Experience and deal savvy have established a proven track record spanning since before the turn of the century to today; securing our clients with the most optimal real estate agreements, deal flexibility options, and workspace environments that are designed around a business’s goals and objectives.

 Contact us to calculate your deal's Dollarization value and provide you with this assurance of non-overpayment.  There is no cost nor deal representation obligation required for us to provide you with this calculation and deal findings. 

 Why wonder if you are over-paying?  Even worse; why continue to over-pay...


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