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Seeking office locations: to lease, to sublease, to own, or as an investment?

Transition Brokers, RE Inc. specializes in commercial tenant, landlord, and investor representation (TOTAL MARKET EXPOSURE).

  • No hidden agendas (TB-RE is not a Landlord)
  • The deal only occurs when our client agrees

As licensed commercial real estate brokers, we know how and where to find the most advantageous and desired office leases, subleases, and purchase options in the East Loop Office Space area.



All packages and infomation are provided at no charge to you. Let us do the leg-work and research for you!

As “CAN DO” is our motto, we can guarantee you a response within one business day.


We have the software, understanding, and relationships to quickly find, negotiate, and secure a suitable location for you. Most often enabling you to set-up your business location within 30 to 90 days


Free Service Offering

Why rely on yourself and an internet GOOGLE search, when you can have an area expert do it for free? 

For many people, negotiating an office lease in an infrequent occurrence. Before any statement of need is rendered; provide yourself with professional representation.  Otherwise a simple statement of “I need” or “I want” can place you at a disadvantage right off the bat. 



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